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Russell Midcap® Index

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Investment Objective

The Scout Mid Cap Equity Strategy seeks long-term growth of capital while aiming to consistently outperform the Russell Midcap® Index throughout a full market cycle (three to five years) with less than commensurate risk.


We believe actively managing a portfolio of attractively valued, high-quality mid-cap companies which we expect to benefit from company specific or macro catalysts, can generate superior long-term, risk adjusted relative performance throughout market cycles.

Investment Process

Bottom-up research:

We conduct disciplined, bottom-up research on mid-sized companies that are likely to benefit from prevailing sector or industry themes, with particular focus on these factors:

  • Financial strength: analysis of the company’s cash flow, income statements and balance sheet
  • Determine intrinsic value:
    • Discounted earnings model – proprietary model with customized inputs; used to measure upside potential
    • Relative Valuation – downside risk assessment using measures such as price-to-book, price-in-earnings, etc.
  • Catalysts for appreciation:  identify catalysts that can be company specific or top-down and may include management change, new market or a technology change
  • Company-specific risk: analyze accounting and revenue recognition to determine earnings quality

Top-down overlay:

  • Macro theme formulation: A top-down overlay includes the team’s monitoring of key economic and sentiment indicators, which helps the portfolio managers formulate the macro themes that influence sector and industry allocation.

Portfolio Managers

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